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Academic Advising

Honored with top distinctions by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA), Brussels College executes a tripartite Academic Advising program for its remote students.

Pre-enrollment counseling and post-enrollment onboarding programs have been developed to assist students in assessing their preparedness for distance learning, and to ensure that they have a clear understanding of the expectations. During their first year, students will be monitored for engagement, receive individualized guidance from a transition advisor, and participate in a variety of online workshops that focus on topics such as organization, study skills, time management, and other crucial factors for success. The transition advisors will work alongside the Dean of Students Office to create and instruct a univer success course tailored for online students, similar to the on-campus First Year Brussels course. Online students of the Brussels College will also learn how to access essential support services such as financial aid, bursar, registrar, IT support and counseling services.

To ensure academic prosperity, students admitted to BC are immediately allocated a college advisor. This designated individual acts as a stable, direct touchpoint during the students' tenure at Brussels College, maintaining regular interactions. This structure facilitates students' easy accessibility to advisors, guarantees sufficient time for advisory sessions, and ensures timely and precise information delivery when required.

Furthering the success of Brussels College students is achieved by fostering a robust community feeling and connection, coupled with high-quality, effective advising for a considerable cohort of remote students via group counselling. This involves engaging and structured online dialogues and advisor-led online workshops (delivered both synchronously and asynchronously), which effectively cultivates a sense of unity and shared learning.

Academic Planning

While there is a recommended semester plan for each major, your personal circumstances will influence the rate at which you finish your degree. At Brussels College, we strongly recommend that our online students work closely with their advisors to outline their academic schedules. Here are a few broad guidelines:
Here are some general guidelines:

  • Generally, students are advised not to exceed 15 credits in a semester
  • For part-time working students, it's suggested to only take 12 credits (three to four courses) per semester.
  • For those working full-time, it's advisable to take between three and eight credits (one to two courses) per semester.
  • While it's permissible to take only one course per semester, this could significantly extend your projected graduation date.
  • Taking a semester off is also permitted, but if you skip two or more consecutive semesters, you'll need to reapply to BC.

  • "Verify the requirements for completing your degree"
  • Ensure that you have fulfilled all the necessary lower-level requirements.
  • Finish prerequisite courses promptly to qualify for enrollment in advanced level classes.
  • It's recommended to finish prerequisite courses promptly, paving the way for enrollment in subsequent advanced courses.
  • For example, you could harmonize your writing abilities with your course load, opting for writing-centric classes in conjunction with math or practical project-based modules within the same term.
  • Review the course timetable and consult your advisor. You might consider enrolling in less frequently offered courses (annual) prior to those that are available every semester.
  • Schedule a meeting with an advisor to resolve any registration impediments that could obstruct your course enrollment.
  • Enroll in your preferred courses promptly on your assigned registration date to secure the most favorable course selection.
  • Delaying your registration beyond the assigned time might result in limited course availability.

Managing Coursework

Online courses typically require a commitment of three to four hours per week per course. Therefore, if you enroll in a 12-credit schedule, you should anticipate dedicating approximately 36 to 48 hours a week to your studies.
There are multiple strategies for handling your coursework effectively. Here are a few recommendations that might assist you.
  • Prior to each semester, review the course calendar and syllabus for each of your classes to familiarize yourself with the material.
  • To successfully complete this course, substantial study time will be necessary.
  • The due dates for assignments and examinations can be found in the academic calendar.
  • To strategize my coursework for the semester.
  • You are anticipated to engage with the course content at designated times.
  • For optimal comprehension of your study materials, allow ample time for full absorption. Regular, shorter study sessions are more conducive to learning, while a single, prolonged weekly session may lead to undue stress and hinder understanding.
  • Maintain open lines of communication with your professors and fellow students.
  • To optimize your exam preparation, utilize these resources to raise questions, engage in discussions with peers, and partake in supplementary study sessions.
  • While locating study peers at Brussels College may seem difficult, it's an effort worth making to enhance your learning journey.
  • The purpose of these recommendations is to assist students in resolving technical challenges well before deadlines, allowing them to concentrate on accomplishing their assignments.
  • If you're required to utilize unknown software or hardware, make sure to familiarize yourself with all its specifications at least a week prior to intending to use it.
  • Always seize the opportunity to undertake extra credit assignments, low credit, or "completion credit" tasks to enhance your overall grade.
  • Several elements can influence the final grade threshold appearing on a student's end-of-term report.
  • The more you engage with course-related materials, the more likely you are to excel in exams and projects.
  • Examining previous or mock exams available on the course webpage can enhance your comprehension of the content you'll encounter on the actual tests.
  • What kind of queries can I expect from the instructor in this course?
  • The instructor anticipates students to respond to the questions following a particular format.
  • What are the subjects that may require your concentrated attention?
  • If you're looking to enhance your study habits, consider involving your family members in your study sessions.
  • In order to allocate more time for studying, consider undertaking additional tasks.
  • The students are simultaneously engaged in their school tasks or silently engrossed in their reading.
  • If you're available, there are other ways you can contribute or assist.

Managing Coursework

Brussels College Libraries boast the most extensive information resource network in the state, encompassing an impressive collection of materials such as books, journals, manuscripts, maps, and musical recordings.
This complimentary tool swiftly identifies and corrects text errors, encompassing spelling, grammar, and punctuation inaccuracies. It proposes alternatives for rectification, provides clarifications on highlighted sections, and enhances your written content.
Your academic advisor is an invaluable resource for insights on balancing your coursework with your personal commitments. They can also furnish you with timely administrative support should you require it.
Your professors and teaching assistants (TAs) are accessible during the hours listed on their course syllabi. You can connect with them through the course website, phone, or email. If you're struggling with your quizzes and exams, reach out to your professor or TA early in the semester for assistance with the coursework.
The Undergraduate Catalog serves as a comprehensive guide, featuring details about college-offered courses and key academic rules. Adhering to the listed dates and deadlines within this document is crucial for fulfilling your academic responsibilities.
Although the Brussels College Bookstore carries all the necessary and suggested books for all BC courses, students at BC are free to purchase their books from any vendor of their choice.
The Teaching Center at Brussels College offers an array of informative videos intended to enhance students' academic success. These videos tackle various subjects like memory enhancement, effective test and note-taking strategies, time management, as well as preparation for mid-term and final examinations.

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