Computer Requirements

Computer Requirements
Brussels College requires online program enrollees to possess suitable computer hardware and software to fulfill their degree requirements.

At our college, reliable computer usage and a broadband connection are essential for coursework. Additionally, students may need to access official college communication and other services online. While the college offers limited access to computer software through its virtual computer lab and software licensing office, most students may need to consider purchasing or leasing a computer. When calculating financial aid awards, it's crucial to consider the costs associated with meeting this requirement.

This statement pertains to the processor type in use, specifying that the available options include current generation Intel Core Series processors or their equivalent from AMD Ryzen.
Memory: 8GB of RAM or more; Storage: 256 Gb hard drive or larger; Webcam, microphone, and speakers; WiFi or Network Adapter Card for Broadband -- 100/1000Mbps; Broadband internet connection; Operating System: Windows 11.

Before purchasing a computer with Windows, ensure that your college and degree program are compatible with the operating system. Additionally, consider investing in a computer that can be upgraded to Windows 11.

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