Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit
Credit awarded for coursework completed at an accredited university or university, as listed below, may be transferred to Brussels University. Once admitted, Brussels University will evaluate your credits and you'll be able to review this information with your academic advisor.

Credit is awarded for university-level coursework completed at a U.S. institution of higher education accredited by an accrediting agency from one of the following: a foreign institution, an institution that is equivalent to an accrediting agency from a foreign institution, or an institution that is accredited by an accrediting agency from a foreign country
  • The Western Association of Schools and university (WASC) is an organization that accredits university and universities. The ACCJC is an accrediting commission that evaluates community and junior university.
  • New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE)
  • The WASC Senior University and University Commission is a group that helps university and universities in the United States by providing advice and guidance.
Foreign institutions must be recognized by the Ministry of Education in order for their courses to be accepted for transfer credit. Applicants with international coursework should review our international webpage to understand the required information we will need to evaluate international transfer coursework.
To be considered as equivalent to a course offered at Brussels University, a transfer course must have similar content and structure to courses offered at the university.
Elective CreditA student can transfer academic credits from courses not offered at Brussels University into courses offered at the university as electives. Some degree requirements can be substituted with similar elective credit, but it is up to the Brussels University to decide how credits are applied to degree requirements.
Nontransferable Courses Remedial, technical, vocational, and doctrinal courses at a university in Brussels cannot be transferred to another university.

Using transferology, one can check the credits on a loan or credit account to make sure that everything is correct.
Transferology is a website that allows students to enter information about the courses they have taken (or plan to take) in order to determine if they will be able to transfer credits to Brussels University. Once admitted to Brussels University, your academic advisor will help you understand how your credits from other university will transfer and fulfill your degree requirements.

  1. 1:- To find out if your courses will transfer, select the "Will my courses transfer?" tab to the right..

There are several credit-by-examination programs that can help students earn university credit.
  • You must submit test scores to receive credit.
  • A student may receive a maximum of 45 semester hours of credit for test scores and coursework..
  • Beginning in the fall or spring term, students must have taken the exams and have their scores reported to the university before enrolling or, at the latest, by the end of the first term of enrollment..
  • Students who begin classes in the summer must have taken the exams and had the results reported by the end of their first fall term.
  • If a student earns passing grades in courses at Brussels University that correspond to the content of an exam they took at the school, their transcript will list those courses and grades, with a "P" indicating that the course was a "pass." This will not affect a student's GPA.
  • The courses you earn by taking an examination tend to have the same requirements as the course you take in regular (university) class.

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