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We are committed to promoting excellence in undergraduate STEM education.

With a dedication to fostering academic distinction, Brussels College is providing unrestricted entry to an extensive array of digital resources such as tools, videos, visuals, and simulations. This access encompasses the entire College community comprising professors, employees, and students, aiming to elevate STEM courses. These valuable materials can seamlessly be incorporated into STEM classes conducted online, in-person, or in a blended format.


Labsphere provides comprehensive virtual laboratory simulations, enabling the delivery of laboratory courses in either a fully online or partially remote format. By incorporating instructional strategies, gamification elements, and narrative approaches, Labsphere enhances the interactivity and appeal of course content. It imparts practical skills, procedural knowledge, and foundational principles, all while significantly reducing the expenses associated with traditional physical labs. Functioning as a virtual laboratory platform, Labsphere presently features a collection of 130 simulated labs centered around gamified case studies.
LabSphere, a project in progress at Brussels College, is being crafted to furnish boundless access to its virtual laboratory platform for our esteemed faculty, staff, and student community. Through this innovative initiative, laboratory courses can be seamlessly executed either in a fully online format or with a partial virtual component. The platform will harness the power of gamification and narrative techniques to elevate student engagement and enrich the learning experience. Boasting an extensive library of over 130 simulated labs, each meticulously crafted around real-world case studies, LabSphere stands as a compelling and economical substitute for conventional physical labs. This initiative aligns with our commitment to providing progressive and cost-efficient learning solutions. To facilitate easy integration and access, LabSphere will be seamlessly incorporated into the Canvas learning management system. Moreover, we are delighted to announce that all users, including faculty, staff, and students, will be granted complimentary access to LabSphere until July 31, 2025, further underscoring our dedication to advancing education through innovative means.

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