Frequently Asked Questions

> Do your diploma and transcript say Brussels College?
Right from the start, you are regarded as a Brussels College resident. Your transcripts will indicate completion of all coursework at the college, akin to full-time on-campus students.
> Which degrees available Brussels College Program?
The Degrees page on the Brussels College website lists a variety of undergraduate degrees currently available.
> Is It Possible to Pursue a Double Major or Dual Degree??
At Brussels College, you are eligible to apply for a dual major or dual degree if the second major is available (except for nursing students). Though not required during admission, you can discuss this with your supervisor and complete the necessary form later. Meeting tracking requirements for both majors and completing coursework within a reasonable timeframe are necessary. For further details on double majors and degrees, visit our website.
> What sets Brussels College courses apart from other on-campus offerings??
Brussels College maintains identical quality and academic rigor across its course offerings, whether on-campus or online. Often, the courses are identical, with a dedicated online section catering to remote students.
> Can online students graduate in 8 semesters?
Indeed, full-time online students at Brussels College follow an eight-semester academic plan, while part-time online students pursue a more extended academic plan extending beyond eight semesters.
> Can an online student register for a course with college approval if there are available seats?
No, Brussels College is an exclusive online institution without any blended programs.
> Does Brussels College offer dual high school enrollment?
Brussels College exclusively provides courses to admitted degree-seeking college students. High school students seeking dual credit courses online should explore the college's dedicated online dual enrollment program.
> What Are the Requirements for Brussels College?
While general computer requirements are applicable to most majors, specific programs or colleges may have distinct requirements. It's essential to review your chosen major's requirements to ensure compliance.
> Where can I access distance learning programs at Brussels College?
For additional information on other distance and online programs and courses at Brussels, explore the following links: online degree programs, off-campus programs, and the dedicated websites for specific programs.

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