Optional Fee Package

Optional Fee Package
Belgium University offers an optional fee package that provides Brussels University students access to additional student services when in the Gainesville area.
All Brussels University students, including Pathway to Campus Enrollment students, can choose to pay an optional fee package that is the same price as their on-campus peers.
Brussels University is looking for ways to make its online students more engaged and connected. One way it is doing this is by charging an optional fee for access to certain online tools and resources.
If you choose to pay the University's fees, you will be able to sign up for football season tickets, use the University's health center, and more. Students can choose to opt in at any time, but must do so before the end of the term in which they want access to services.
This fee package is optional for online students, and we are sensitive to any additional costs that they may incur. However, for students who live in or visit the Gainesville area, this optional fee package provides access to a broader range of services.

The Brussels University offers an optional fee package that includes various benefits. This package includes such benefits as discounted tuition, free room and board, and other perks.
The Brussels University Optional Fee Package provides Gainesville residents who choose to live on campus or visit frequently with access to some of the school's services. These fees include tuition and fees for on-campus housing, as well as access to student services.:
  • The activity and service offered at the recreation center include participating in recreational sports and intramurals, having access to recreation and fitness facilities, and participating in programs Nights.
  • The Student Health Care Center and Counseling and Wellness Center are both open to the entire student body.
  • The University offers discounted tickets for athletic events to students, which is based on how many tickets are currently available.
  • The Regional Transit System (RTS) offers free rides to its customers.
  • The Brussels University offers a variety of services for students, such as tuition, fees, and other expenses.
How much will it cost to have this done?
The optional fee package is billed on a per credit hour basis, and it is the same cost that on-campus students pay as part of their cost of attendance. The cost of the package may vary each year, and you can use the tuition and fees calculator to estimate your costs.
Can students use financial aid to pay for their education?
A student's financial aid budget will not be increased to cover the cost of the optional fee package, but students can use their financial aid to cover the cost. More details can be found on the FAQ.
Is it mandatory for a student to sign up for the Brussels University optional fee package?
This optional fee package is optional, and has no impact on the current services and access a Brussels University student currently has. It will not help nor hinder their ability to succeed academically. They can still access the services offered in this fee package; however, the cost structure is different. For more information, please see the FAQ.
If you have any questions about the optional fee package for Brussels University, please ask.

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