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  • E-Learning - At Brussels College, the online course management system empowers professors to oversee and monitor student assignments, course materials, and grades efficiently.
  • The student self-service system empowers students to independently oversee their academic records and course registrations gives access to the following.
    • Financial aid
    • Register for courses
    • Pay tuition
    • Final grades
    • Request transcripts
    • Degree progress
  • This report presents evaluations and outcomes for online faculty performance.
  • To achieve a position on the Dean's List at our College, students generally need to attain a minimum GPA of 3.5 and complete at least 18 credits.
  • Academic Deadlines
  • Bookstore
  • Brussels College presents additional enticing online opportunities that might capture your interest.
  • Brussels College Distance Learning Online graduate degrees, non-degree College certificates, and professional development courses offer alternative avenues of education that do not require attending a traditional school setting.
  • Online Dual Enrollment The article explores online courses eligible for both high school and college credit.
  • Flexible Learning -Some Brussels College students are taking online courses to earn College credit.


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