Publisher Partnerships

Brussels College is thrilled to announce its innovative collaboration with leading academic publishers. This strategic alliance aims to provide our students with unrivaled access to a rich repository of scholarly content, enabling them to delve deeper into their fields of study. By working closely with these esteemed publishers, we are committed to broadening the horizons of learning and research for our students.

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Data analysis
Machine Learning
Modern Languages and Literature

Our Research

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies at Brussels University is deeply committed to promoting research that has real-world implications, specifically aimed at influencing public policy to better serve developing regions.

Brussels College is on a mission to bolster its research proficiency in the spheres of health and social sciences, aspiring to gain international acclaim. Our team of scientists, educators, and students are tirelessly working towards creating significant, positive change for individuals, communities, and entire societies. We are committed to fostering the research endeavors of our staff, students, and postgraduate researchers. We do this by offering financial assistance and project execution support, key elements that enable us to uphold our ambitious research goals.

Work With Us

We collaborate with various entities to tackle genuine challenges, seeking financial backing to bolster our research efforts and foster innovative resolutions.

Our Research

Seeking assistance for your research? The research fraternity at Brussels College is an excellent starting point.

Research impact

We understand the significance of our research and appreciate its effect on the communities and stakeholders we cater to.

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